Building a Custom 3D World

This page shows you the process for creating your own custom 3D World in Being-There. In near-future releases of Being-there, you will be able to create chat environments of your own design, with the only constraints that those worlds contain 3D banner ads. If they don't contain banner ads, the Being-there software will insert it's own ads, necessary to support the ongoing development of this software.

To access the 3D World editor, use your "Start" menu and go to "Programs" -> "Being-There" -> "Being-there World Editor". Click on each of the sections below to learn the functions of the editor. Then you really need to go through the steps in the "Tutorials" to understand the whole process of building the parts of a world.

Getting Started - Tutorials for 3D World Editor
  1. Initializing Your World
  2. Creating a New Sector
  3. Making Visible Walls
  4. Making Translucent Walls
  5. Making a Distant Background
  6. Making a Table
  7. Making Actors and Sticky Actors
  1. Adding a New Texture
  2. Future - Animation and Audio for Actors and Avatars
  3. Future - Animated and Audio Gestures for Avatars
  4. Future - Event-triggered Animation and Audio for Actors and Avatars

After you have finished the tutorials, or as you need more detailed information, read the following definitive references to each section of the 3D World Editor:

References for 3D World Editor
  1. Main Screen
  2. Flag Name Editor
  3. Flat (Ceiling or Floor) Editor
  4. Bitmap Editor
  5. Texture Editor (showing all textures)
  6. Texture Editor (for one texture)
  7. Actor Type Editor
  8. Sector Editor (room or section of room)
  1. Actor Editor
  2. Vertex (point) Editor
  3. Import Doom WAD (map)
  4. Default Sector Editor
  5. Default Actors Editor
  6. Default Linedefs Editor
  7. MapModes
  8. Shading Properties

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