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Download Being-There 3D Chat Demo, Version 0.026b (about 3.4 MBytes) This 3D world connects to standard IRC servers, and supports voice chat, IRC Text chat, private chat, personal avatars, mIRC-compatible file transfer and animated banner advertisements. If there is another user of this software in the same chat room, you will see each other. Use arrow keys to navigate, space bar to fly, and [tab] to switch between text entry and 3D movement. Right-click on an avatar to determine which user it is or if it is just a prop. Logging of chats is now supported, and your chats are logged to your disk (not the IRC server) by default, just as with ICQ.

Recent Updates: Version .021b creates a parameter AvatarScale in a new world.ini file that lets a world designer designate that the users/avatars should be larger or smaller than the other world textures. Version .024b implements logging of chats, and fixes bugs in the custom room changing behavior (but disables 3D interaction in private chats - to be fixed later). Version .025b fixes the "File I/O" bug in the World Editor, and fixes the bug in the MP3 Playlist player. Version .026b is a major upgrade to the 3D editor for useability and bug fixes. Now you only need to open one ".zip" file to edit a world.

Download unstable version of Being-there, Version 0.027b - contains Russian language implementation if your Windows install is configured for the Russian as your local language.

Building your Own Avatar Step-by-step instructions for building your own custom avatars

Building your Own 3D World Instructions and Tutorials on building your own 3D worlds with the Being-there 3D Editor.


The following downloads are prototypes of discrete features that illustrate the potential capabilities of our 3D technology.

Walk Through World This is a walk-through of a building set in a mars-like landscape, with flocks of animated birds, sliding doors, animated flames, an overhead fan, and more.

Horses in the forrest This illustrates animated horses trotting in a foggy forrest. Such horses could be used as your avatar, or as props in your world. Use the mouse to navigate

Swimming underwater This demonstrates life underwater. Use the mouse to dive into the pool. You will see less gravity, animated fish, and a murky color to the water. Use the space-bar to fly out of the water.

Spooky forest A foggy forest and a strange sounding moan provide a scarey atmospher to this 3D world. There are castles in the distant background.

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